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With the aim of recognizing the crucial role played by media in promoting the awareness of the audience on major issues such as cultural diversity, religious understanding, tolerance and peace, the World TV Award was initiated in 2004 on two themes "Religious Understanding" and "Conflict Resolution" on Category Humanity.

In 2011, AIBD launched the World TV Award Category on Science & Environment, in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

From 2013, Category Humanity topics are replaced by "Natural Disaster" and "Children's Rights".

The World TV Awards are open to broadcasters worldwide from public, private sector and freelance producers.

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The World Television Awards are open to all broadcasters in Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North & South America from public, private sector and freelance producers.

For 2012, the two World TV Awards categories are:

  • Category Humanity for the Best Documentary on "Promoting Religious Understanding and Tolerance"
  • Category Science/Environment for the Best Programme on "Preserving Ozone layer and Protecting the Earth"

“The Prize” consists of US$ 5,000.00 cash, a trophy and a certificate presented by AIBD per Award category.

Winners will be rewarded during the Asia Media Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand from 29-30 May 2012, which will be a gathering of more than 700 top-ranking media professionals.

The deadline for programme submission is 16 April 2012.

Criteria & Entry forms available under "Form & application"

The World TV Awards are supported by United Nations Environment Programme OzonAction, Arab States Broadcasting Union, France 24, Radio France International, Monte-Carlo Doualiya, Radio TV Malaysia, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association and The Islamic Broadcasting Union. 

The news feature, “Energy-Efficient Refrigerators In Brazil”, has won the World Television Award 2011 in the Category Science/Environment for The Best Programme Protecting Ozone Layer And Combating Climate Change.

This programme was directed by Vanessa Fischer and broadcast by DW-TV, Germany.

Vanessa Fischer was presented with a trophy and certificate by Mr Rajendra Shende (Head of UNEP OzonAction) and Mr Yang Binyuan (Director of AIBD) in the presence of Ms Moneeza Hashmi (President of CBA), chairperson of the World Television Awards judging session, during the Asia Media Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam on May 24.

Rajendra Shende, Vanessa Fischer, Yang Binyuan - 24 May, AMS,Hanoi,VietnamRajendra Shende, Vanessa Fischer, Yang Binyuan - 24 May, AMS,Hanoi,Vietnam


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World TV Awards 2014 - Winners & Runners-Up Announcement

AIBD is pleased to announce the winners and runners-up of the World Television Awards 2014:

CATEGORY HUMANITY for the Best TV Documentary "Promoting Children's Rights"

  • Winner: "The Dark Side of the Chocolate" directed by Miki Mistrati and broadcast by ARD – Germany
  • Runner-up: "Invisible Children: In the City, Nobody Knows" directed by Yoon Young-Sik, Kim Myung-Suk & Kim Min-hoe and broadcast by KBS – Korea

CATEGORY SCIENCE / ENVIRONMENT for the Best TV Programme "Building Resilience to Climate Change"

  • Winner: "1 Ton Project" directed by Won Hye Young and broadcast by Busan MBC  – Korea
  • Runner-up: "The Human Condition" directed by Shin Mijin, Jeon Onnuri, Son Suhee, Lee Jeongwook and broadcast by KBS – Korea

The final jury session of the World TV Awards 2014 took place 3 and 4 April 2014 at the AIBD office in Kuala Lumpur.

World TV Awards 2014, jury session

38 entries were received from 18 countries for the category Humanity and 26 entries were received from 12 countries for the category Science/Environment.

Mr John Maguire, Director of International Development of France Médias Monde (FMM), France chaired the international jury.

Jury of the World TV Awards 2014
with Mr. Yang Binyuan, AIBD Director (fourth from right)

The other members of the jury were:

  • Mr Deng Wu, Executive Journalist, China Central Television (CCTV), China   
  • Mr Tyro Ahn, Coordinator, International Relations Department, Korean Broadcasting Systems (KBS), Korea
  • Mr Jack Nadarajah,  Deputy Director Programme Content Section, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), Malaysia
  • Mr Kalle Furst, Consultant for NRK and Director of Furst & Father, Film and TV Ltd, Norway
  • Mr Emad Al Asfar, Advisor for Programs, Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Palestine
  • Mr Anothai Udomsilp, Director of Academic Institute of Public Media, Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS), Thailand
  • Ms Satwant Kaur, Regional Information Officer, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Thailand

The World TV Awards 2014 are supported by Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), Radio TV Malaysia (RTM) and The Islamic Broadcasting Union (IBU).