AIBD is to be recertified this year for ISO 9001:2008 and ISAS BCP 9001:2010. The re-certification external audit was conducted at AIBD from 27 to 28 August 2015. Mr Eddie Fuad from SGS Sdn. Bhd. Systems & Services conducted the audit.

The in-country workshop on audio-visual archiving organised by AIBD in collaboration with Prasar Bharati and National Academy of broadcasting and Multimedia (NABM) was held in Kolkata, India from 6 to 10 July 2015. The workshop was designed specifically for broadcast engineers/technicians/programme personnel associated with audio and audio-visual archives.

AIBD organised a Highlighting of Selected AIBD Award Entries during the 41st Annual Gathering / 14th AIBD General Conference & Associated Meetings from 1400 – 1600 on 18 August 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Portions of the Award winning entries and runner-ups in each category were played during this special session open for all delegates of the conference, in recognition of the achievement and the high quality of the programmes.

The presentation of the winners of the AIBD TV & Radio Awards 2015 was conducted at the Inauguration Ceremony of the AIBD General Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 18 August 2015. The winners were each presented with a certificate, trophy and USD 500 as reward for their special programmes.



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The14th AIBD General Conference recently approved three AIBD projects that will beef up the capability of the Institute’s workforce, improve current services to members, and expand memberships to new media industries.

The first project is a new initiative called AIBD Annual Media Research (AAMR) that will provide basic data collection and preliminary analysis subject to further deliberation from resource persons and speakers during the Summit.

It seeks collaboration with some 24 training and research institutions of member countries as well as international partners.

Mr Chang Jin, AIBD Director, says the Institute is eyeing more quality training and in-country workshops in its bid to offer better services to members and attract new members.

During the last 12 months, Director Chang Jin reported to the AIBD Executive Board that the Institute implemented 27 training activities benefitting close to 700 broadcasters from 46 countries and regions.

These activities covered various fields such as new media and social media, management, children/gender/youth, digitisation, production and training of trainers, among others.

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