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Online registration for the Asia Media Summit (AMS) 2015, to be held from 26 - 28 May 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is now officially open. Please register using the link here.

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The deadline for registration is Wednesday, 15 April 2015.

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Every year February 13 is celebrated as World Radio Day. UNESCO has invited radio producers and broadcasters to celebrate the World Radio Day 2015 around the theme “Youth and Radio”

Mr. Turan Ali, Director of Radio Netherlands Training Centre, Netherlands, has identified various elements in producing programmes that have an impact consistently with audiences.

How to integrate value added services with creative content that’s available on air is a key factor in drawing investors to allocate more resources to create good programmes.

Broadcasters from 19 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa generated a list of   storytelling techniques and creative formats critical in dealing with shifting consumer behaviours in today’s multimedia world.

In a workshop on discussing creative content for the global audience during the 3rd International Conference on Broadcast Training in Kuala Lumpur, they said a good story must contain a unique plot and smooth narrative, talented acting, and entertainment values. Some said a story must have human interest and evoke emotions. Others suggested that a good story should be beneficial to the audience, taking into consideration time and duration.

Ms. Poonam Sharma, Director of Singapore MediaGuru, urged broadcasters to relearn the art of good storytelling, and stressed that winning in today’s multimedia landscape means not only creating a story that is relevant and interactive, and one that provokes and engages audiences, but also delivering or executing it creatively.