AIBD Director Chang Jin shared Monday some of AIBD’s future plans in his message to participants in the presummit event on ‘Drones for Content Production,’ citing new initiatives to better serve the Institute’s members and partners.

“We will continue to grow and sustain the Asia Media Summit, now on its 13th year. We will expand participation in this premier communication event not only from the broadcast media industry, but also from new media,” he said.

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Setting goals, creating realistic plans and strategies, defining the audience and platform to use to meet your objectives, and determining how to measure results are  critical requirements for success in  creating a vibrant social media community.

“ You cannot engage effectively in social media without these steps; otherwise your efforts will lead to failure,” said  Mr. Benjamin Dalmulder,, Team Manager for Digital Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation, and Ms Katarina Gomes, digital strategist, both of RNW Netherlands, during the regional Workshop on Online and Social Media Analytics held Monday in Incheon, South Korea. Both served as consultant for the project organised by AIBD and supported by RNW, Netherlands.

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The use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is increasingly becoming popular for content production on various media platforms. Drones have changed the ‘shooting environments’ in news and drama production, enriching content and viewers’ satisfaction. More broadcast stations are also beefing up their in-house capabilities for drone services.

These are some of the trends in content production that Mr James Ku, President of James Company Ltd,. Korea, highlighted in his presentation Monday during the workshop on ‘Using Drones for Production; A New Wave in Broadcast Content Production,” one of the five –pre-summit events leading to the Asia Media Summit to be held tomorrow in Inchon, Korea.

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Delegates are in for an exciting time with the official excursion for Asia Media Summit 2016. The excursion is organised by the hosts Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA) in cooperation with local partners Incheon Tourism Organization, Incheon Metropolitan City and the Korea International Broadcast & Audio Equipment Show (KOBA).

The first part of the excursion is the Incheon MICE Theme Tour. AMS delegates will leave at 1830 on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 from the SondoConvensia Gate 2. Participants will be given a tour of the IFEZ PR Center showing state-of-the-art project of the Incheon Economic Free Zone.

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The final jury session of the World TV Awards 2016 took place 28 and 29 April 2019 at the AIBD office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first day was dedicated to the Humanity Award selection, following the next day by the Science/Environment category.

AIBD officially announces for the first time the launching of AIBD mobile Apps on Asia Media Summit 2016. Delegates will be able to download Apps from 22 May 2016.