Considering the importance of the topics and anticipating an overwhelming response from Television Programme Producers, the deadline for programme submission of the World TV Awards is now extended to Monday 20th April 2015, which will be the final deadline.

Newsreaders who take too many breaths, or mispronounce names and places. Location radio reports lacking a sense of place.  Poor balance and feedback in a PA system.  Insensitive questions to natural disaster victims.  And figuring out what to trust—and what not to—when using social media as a news source.

AIBD is pleased to announce the opening of call of entry for the AIBD Awards 2015. We are pleased to present this opportunity to all AIBD members and affiliates. Supported by AIBD, this competition will provide the opportunity for television and radio producers to receive international recognition for their work. 

Next year Thai PBS is coming up with a new channel for children and family programmes.  The organisation has taken up many new projects to increase the production of children’s programmes for the new channel. Thus an AIBD/NRK/ Thai PBS workshop on ‘Children TV Programmes was organised from 23 to 27 February in Bangkok to develop six of these projects.

Online Registration
Online registration for the Asia Media Summit (AMS) 2015, to be held from 26 - 28 May 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is now officially open. Please register using the link here.

We are encouraging all delegates to register as early as possible.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, 15 April 2015.

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Every year February 13 is celebrated as World Radio Day. UNESCO has invited radio producers and broadcasters to celebrate the World Radio Day 2015 around the theme “Youth and Radio”