Dr Syed Ismail Shah




Dr. S. Ismail Shah is the ITU Area Representative and Head of ITU office for South East Asia and Timor-Leste.He is a renowned ICT professionals and has extensive background in spectrum auctions, technology implementation, ICT policy-making and regulations. Dr. Shah is a strong proponent of using ICT to create smarter societies. Combination of his very strong intellectual and technical rigor with his leadership roles, has given him unique and un-paralleled perspective to become a global ambassador for unleashing the power of ICTs. He has also worked on initiatives for Persons with Disabilities, Women Empowerment, Big data analytics, Internet of Things, Shared Economy and Digital Entrepreneurship. Dr. Shah holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. He is a registered professional Engineer and is also a Senior Member of IEEE, USA and Member of the Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers, Japan and has more than 100 technical publications.