Abdul Muis Shefii




Abdul Muis Shefii is the Director General of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM). Within the RTM organisation, his service of more than 35 years included appointments at several divisions, beginning as a journalist cum news editor in 1983 to managing several units in the news department, including a stint as the State Director of Broadcasting in his home state Terengganu. He was Chairman of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union’s News Group, and a member of other institutions like BERNAMA, ISWAMI and Malaysian Press Institute. He lectures at local universities and agencies on journalism and is a lifetime member of Chevening Scholars Alumni and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Alumni. His forte has been in news and current affairs. He attended international fellowship programmes at Wolfson College in Cambridge, United Kingdom and at CNN Atlanta in Georgia, United States of America. A prolific scholar, he presented several papers at various international conferences on journalism, politics and disaster management.