AIBD/NBT Regional Workshop on Media's Roles in Coping with Disinformation 2 - 4 April 2019 Bangkok, Thailand



Submitted by monica on Fri, 03/15/2019 - 16:11


The workshop on Media’s Roles in Coping with Disinformation is aim to make media practitioners especially those who work in news reporting aware of their roles in communicating messages to the target audiences with sound judgment and media ethics.  It also focuses on relevant laws related to rights infringement, particularly on human rights infringement on both conventional and new media.  Participants are expected to better their skills in media and information literacy and be more capable of coping with misinformation, thereby conveying accurate and objective information with no harm to the public.


  • To make the participants understand the principles of laws related to mass communication especially media ethic laws;
  • To educate the participants on the background stories about misinformation and the reasons for the dissemination of misinformation in mass media; and
  • To enhance skills in coping with misinformation.



  • Mass media laws and human rights infringement laws for traditional and new media;
  • Media ethics;
  • How to convey objective messages in news reporting in order not to harm affected parties;
  • Sound judgment in news communication;
  • Professional and ethical news reporting;
  • Practice in news reporting on social media, involving crime and natural disasters, in particular; and
  • Effective use of applications and tools for news making on social media.


Participant Profile/Qualifications

  • News editors/reporters under 50 years of age;
  • Experienced in news making on either conventional or online media; and
  • Good command of English