Submitted by rabi on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 09:52

The workshop aims to provide basic engineering fundamentals for broadcast engineers who are beginning their careers and IT staff who are working with delivery teams. The workshop will help participants to learn about the latest changes and advancements in broadcast technologies in the media value chain. It will also focus on fundamentals of audio and video systems, techniques, alternative delivery methods and applications.



At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to understand: 

  • Basics of Audio and Video
  • Concepts of analogue to digital signal conversion
  • Signal processing in the media value chain
  • Multiplatform delivery and Quality of Experience 
  • Converged media-IT-broadcast environment
  • Radio and TV transmission concepts, techniques and technologies
  • Evolving media and delivery platforms

Profile of Participant

  • Broadcast Engineers/IT Engineers, technicians, especially young engineers who have had some exposure to IT, audio and video systems. 
  • At least five years of experience in radio and television engineering as an essential condition
  • IT knowledge is beneficial to understand some new concepts
  • Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.