AIBD/EUROVISION ACADEMY/CCTV Master Class on Constructive Journalism

Asia/Kuala Lumpur



Constructive journalism provides a more balanced perspective of the world, covering not only violence, death, conflict, failure or disaster but also solution-oriented stories.

In constructive journalism, the editorial priorities for each day’s news include selecting the stories that can provide a more accurate and fairer portrayal of the world we live in.

Constructive journalism gives media consumers a comprehensive view of an issue (context, perspective, background and understanding, nuances etc.), inspiring them and facilitating public debate around a better tomorrow.

This Master Class shows concrete examples of constructive stories and suggests methods to implement more constructive journalism into your programmes.


At the end of the Master Class the participants will learn:

  • Why traditional journalism need to be transformed
  • What impact negative and solution-oriented stories can have on the audience
  • How journalists can build solution-focused stories
  • How to foster constructive news reporting by building awareness, acceptance and skills among journalists, reporters and editors-in-chief
  • How to use creative approaches rather than the tried and tested formulas
  • How to apply each of the 3 steps of constructive journalism: planning, executing and sharing

Profile Of Participant

  • Head of news
  • Editor-in-chief, editor, reporter
  • News producer
  • Ability to understand, speak and write in English fluently.