Catching Up with Trends and Changes in the Broadcast Landscape

Submitted by saqib on Wed, 08/19/2015 - 19:35


Broadcast organisations need to catch up with trends in the fast-changing media landscape to be able to better serve its modern audiences, particularly young consumers of old and new media.

They must also pay special attention to their corporate social responsibility in educating their audiences, and promoting media ethics and media literacy in today’s digital world. 

AIBD is in a distinct position to contribute substantially to deal with these challenges, said M. L. Panadda Diskul, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, Kingdom of Thailand, in his keynote address during the inaugural ceremony of the 41st Annual Gathering/14th AIBD General Conference and Associated Meetings held on 18 August 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Minister M.L. Panadda Diskul is also the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Some 50 AIBD members attended the inaugural ceremony which was formally declared open by M.L. Minister Panadda Diskul.

In his speech, M.L. Minister Panadda Diskul praised AIBD efforts to inspire and enhance professional skills in the broadcasting community.

“I am convinced that laying down the fundamentals of professionally and socially responsible media will smooth the path in achieving our common goal of promoting a decent life, and a better and more peaceful society shared by all”, he said.

Mr Apinan Juntarangsi, Director-General of the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT), the Government Public Relations Department (PRD), Kingdom of Thailand, delivered the opening remarks. He stressed the important role of media in today’s society, saying that AIBD should continue contributing to building the capacity of broadcasters to be able to deal with the major transformation in the media landscape.

He thanked the Governor and people of Chiang Mai for their hospitality in helping host this year’s AIBD General Conference and Associated Meetings and urged delegates to enjoy the charm and outstanding culture of the Chiangmai people.

Mrs Dra Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, President Director of Radio Republic Indonesia (RRI) and President of the AIBD General Conference, delivered the welcome remarks. She said that broadcast organisations need a winning team in the competitive media landscape where audiences demand better programme quality and greater engagement.

“AIBD as a training institute can help build that winning team capable of fostering a performance driven culture and eliciting business results in the organisation”, Mrs Niken said.

She also said that the broadcast media needs a pool of competent, innovative, and committed employees and managers ready to deal with the demands and benefits of the changing media landscape for long-term growth, greater customer satisfaction and meaningful contribution to development.

Ms Misako Ito, Advisor, Communication and Information, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau in Bangkok, also delivered her remarks.

She urged broadcasters in the region to help achieve gender equality in media, work for a free and safe working environment of journalists and promote media self-regulation. “Understanding these ongoing challenges and finding a way forward is one us”, she said.

She added that UNESCO will support all the efforts to promote freedom of expression, media development and access to information and knowledge for making a vibrant media landscape in the Asia Pacific.

A highlight of the inaugural ceremony was the presentation of the AIBD Awards 2015 for Best TV Programmes on Encouraging Youth Empowerment and Creative Ways to Harness Energy, Best Radio Programme Highlighting Science to the Public and Reinhard Keune Memorial Award for Best TV Programme Putting Spotlight on Teachers in Society.

The winners were each presented with a certificate, trophy and USD 500 as reward for their special programmes.