ICBT : Session 2: Shifting Audience Preferences and Behaviours

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Day 1 - Thursday, 5th February 2015, 1400 - 1530

Session 2: Shifting Audience Preferences and Behaviours

Changing audience profiles and behaviour have had a significant impact in terms of content creation and distribution. It requires broadcasters to examine the demands of audiences to determine what content they want to consume and on what platforms they want to consume it. The reality of multi-platform simultaneous consumption (multi-tasking) means audiences are consuming and participating simultaneously. How do content creators meet these new audience demands? How can they use trends in social media to their advantage in crafting content?


Mr. Turan Ali
Director Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC), Netherlands


Ms. Keiko Bang
CEO & Founder, Bang Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
Dr. Mike McCluskey
International Media & Broadcast Consultant, Australia

Dr. Ramachandan Poonan
Senior Lecturer, School of Communication, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Ms. Wan Wizana Hashim
Assistant Manager (TVi Channel), Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), Malaysia


 Mr. Rahul Thappa
Vice President, Data Analytics, Content Group, Astro, Malaysia