2003 Bangkok Declaration: What Next?

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The Bangkok Declaration was endorsed at the 1st Conference of the Ministers on Information and Broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region, hosted by the Government of Thailand in May 2003 in Bangkok. The declaration offered recommendations to address challenges of media globalization, cultural diversity, public service broadcasting, information divide and human resource development could respond to the changing media environment.


After nine years since then, in order to examine the leverage of its strength, AIBD convened the first Steering Committee Meeting on 13th January 2012, which was hosted by Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS) in Bangkok, Thailand.


Mr Yang Binyuan, Director, AIBD stated the objectives of the meeting was to lay the groundwork and to determine expectations for the session on “Bangkok Declaration: What Next” - a parallel session to be deliberated at the forthcoming Asia Media Summit in Bangkok in May this year.


 Yang Binyuan, AIBD Director (middle)

Mr Cao Yin, Deputy Director-General, International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio Film & TV (SARFT) as the Chairman of AIBD’s Strategic Plan Team chaired the meeting while Mr Thepchai Yong, Managing Director of TPBS co-chaired from the host organization.


Cao Yin, AIBD SPT Chairman


Thepchai Yong, TPBS Managing Director

The meeting brainstormed on the essence and the value of this document to the present media environment and re-examined the usefulness and relevance for current and future trends of media development in the digital era, the concept of user generated content, and the need for promoting, disseminating far and wide among all members as stakeholders and partners to better internalize the provisions within the framework of the Bangkok Declaration.


The representatives of Voice of Vietnam, National Broadcasting Services of Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, management staff and members of the executive Board of Thai Public Broadcasting Service, partners from UNESCO, ITU and the representatives from the French Government in Bangkok participated. They reaffirmed the need for AIBD to promote the revised version of the Bangkok Declaration through its bilateral and multilateral partners and stakeholders for the development of the media industry.