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AIBD, the Goethe-Institut, KBS and the Korea Foundation enabled producers and executives of broadcasters from nine Southeast Asian countries to meet in Seoul at INPUT 2011 in May, with the aim to improve the quality of the ASEAN co-production edutainment series “I Got It!” and to be inspired by new TV formats, challenging content and innovative technologies under the conference motto “Dare the Future”.



During the four-day seminar workshop, the participants from Brunei (RTB), Cambodia (TVK), Laos (LNTV), Indonesia (TVRI), Malaysia (RTM), Myanmar (MRTV-4), the Philippines (ABS-CBN Foundation), Thailand (Thai PBS) and Vietnam (VTV), had the chance to watch anything from art-house animations to children’s programmes and reality TV, and engage in lively discussions with producers and directors.

The consensus reached by the participants regarding insights for the “I Got It!” series, was that interactive features through new technologies and social media certainly draw the younger audience, but effective improvements can also already be made by using engaging storytelling techniques and giving careful consideration to what role the presenter plays in connecting with the audience.


"I Got It!" is a unique edutainment co-production for children by ASEAN broadcasters initiated by the Goethe-Institut in 2009. The series content is co-produced by all broadcasters, but is presented in the national language of each country with a local presenter and adaptations by the respective TV stations. The project encourages locally produced edutainment content, while at the same time facilitating a professional and cultural exchange between member countries. The resulting series is not intended solely as a capacity building project, but aims for the production of an internationally competitive programme with a sustainable future.

With the initial point of cooperation being the seminar workshop at INPUT 2011, AIBD is set to become a major partner of the project beginning 2011/2012.