Sri Lanka Leap forward for DVB-T2

Sri Lanka has taken an important step by selecting DVB-T2 as the national standard for the Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting. In order to prepare for the roll out of Digital Television Broadcasting a workshop on DVB-T/T2 Technologies and Measurements was organized jointly by AIBD, SLRC & Rhode & Schwarz from 24-28 January 2011 in Colombo.

The workshop was formally inaugurated by Mr. Sarath Kongahage, Chairman, SLRC and and Mr. C.D. Abeysinghe, Director General, SLRC. The function was attended by DDG(Admin), DDG(Engineering), Director (T&R) and other dignitaries including representatives from MTV, ITN and Swarnavahini.

The objective of the workshop was to enable participants:

- to understand digital television broadcasting systems – DVB-T & T2

- to asses the requirements for analogue to digital switchover

- to evaluate planning parameters for network coverage

- to understand the compression technologies and its applications

- to understand Single Frequency Networking

- to carryout measurements on STB and Transmitters

Mr. Hock Leong Tan, Specialist Engineer, Trainer, Rohde & Schwarz Asia, Singapore conducted this training and shared his valuable knowledge and experience with the participants.

22 participants from various Television broadcasting organization (SLRC, MTV, ITN & Swarnavahini) in Sri Lanka had participated in this workshop.

Apart from theory, covering DVB Technologies & Applications, DVB-T2 Overview, DVB-T2 Technology primer, Compression, Interference and Noise and Single Frequency Network, etc., there were practical demonstrations made using DVB-T1/T2 signal generator, Analyser and Set Top Box. Participants were given opportunity to configure various parameters and observed the result.

Most of the participants rated this workshop very high and have benefited a lot in terms of knowledge and skill. Some of the remarks made by the participants are:

  • It was very interesting. As we met this sort of training for the first time, the time was felt as bit insufficient. But as a whole it was fine.
  • It met my expectations fully.
  • When our system conversion begins from analogue to digital, we will be able to utilize the knowledge gained from this course.
  • SLRC is now in the position of Analogue to Digital transition. Therefore, to make this transition success, we need to have a sound knowledge about this technology. Hence this will much helpful for the success of Analogue to Digital transition.
  • The Trainer performed his work very efficiently. Within a week we are able to get knowledge on DVB than what we expected. Finally, I must say Mr Leong is a very good Trainer.
  • I would be grateful if AIBD can arrange more programmes like this in the near future.

As a whole, the workshop was a great success and highly appreciated for its usefulness. All the participants immensely praised the extraordinary efforts made by AIBD and SLRC for organising this workshop.

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