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In the age of media convergence and digitalisation, Public Service Broadcasting needs to tap its own resources and expertise, and work with various stakeholders as partners in harnessing ICTs.

1. PSBs should leverage major opportunities provided by new formats of converged technology media telecommunication offerings.' They should harness "technological developments as opportunities to serve varied audiences and generate revenue."2,3

2. PSBs should address new trends and changing preferences of media production and consumption. The huge multiplication of channels and platforms should be utilized to make available quality content.

3. Appropriate strategic plans should be in place to introduce new technologies3 including the migration of production infrastructure and equipment from analogue to digital.

4. PSBs should be encouraged to get access to the most appropriate digital technologies.

5. PSBs should introduce digital media literacy programmes, helping audiences learn about the dynamics of broadcast production and engage in critical thinking of media content.

6. With the spread of the internet on a global scale, Public Service Broadcasting should develop a policy to protect personal information and address complaints of violations of this policy.

Policy and regulation
Taking advantage of digital technologies will require active support of government through:

  • policy regulation of the inevitability of the digital revolution
  • a legislative framework that recognizes the special role of Public Service Broadcasting while accepting that there is now a larger community of players
  • regulations that seek to protect the public interest as well as help the industry to develop."


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