AIBD/CMF Regional Seminar on Community Media Centres, 26 – 29 November 2019 Seoul, Korea



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Introduction and Rationale

In this day and age of an intelligent information society, media has become a core component that determines the quality of life when it comes to such aspects as communication, acquiring knowledge and establishing a relationship network, which is giving rise to the necessity for media education.

To further this aim, the Korean Government has initiated many projects which allow content consumers to have a more hands-on experience with regards to different aspects of media.

Since 2005, the Korean Government has been establishing Community Media Centers around the country. Thanks to the efforts of Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Community Media Foundation (CMF), all citizens can have easier access to media activities.

The Community Media Center (CMC) is an on-site organisation in affiliation with the CMF, having a core infrastructure grounded for the promotion of viewer rights, working to prevent the alienation of listeners/viewers while also ensuring the enjoyment of media use.


The main aim of the CMC is to conduct media education for the proper understanding, use and production of media content while supporting the broadcasting of the actual television and radio of user-produced contents.

CMC supports community media and rents broadcasting facilities and equipment free of charge to promote active participation in broadcasting by listeners/viewers. In addition, operations focus on the creation of a fair media environment that includes audience-based monitoring of the broadcasting market and advertisements.

Some typical activities of the CMC include:

school media education which provides broadcasting production and hands-on education even including VR contents making and shooting with smartphone to help promote group and volunteer activity at both the primary and secondary school levels.

Social media education which operates through the community media center geared towards teenagers, the elderly, stay-at-home mothers, the impaired and more.

Accessibility for the underprivileged, with fostering of production techniques for impaired-friendly broadcasting, efforts are continuously being made to ensure accessibility of broadcasting for the visually and hearing impaired, the elderly, multi-cultural families and other underprivileged groups. Moreover, not only the content itself is inclusive, there are such special facilities for the impaired that they can be engaged in the process of content creation.

Production mentoring for advanced content, which support activities such as the public radio production group and video production group.

As of 2017, there are eight (8) CMCs in the whole country with the latest one being launched on 21st November 2019. Two more similar Centres are being constructed and will be ready by next year, making up a total numbers of ten (10) by 2020.  With over 80,000 users visiting these centers every year, the popularity of these centers can be attributed to the various media education classes offered free of charge.


  • To introduce community media activities and its contents in Korea, and
  • To share experiences and promote cooperation among various stakeholders in community media activity in Asia-Pacific.

Eight participants from Bhutan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam will join in the 3-day seminar to be held at Hotel President in Seoul, Korea.