AIBD to Redraft Manual of Procedures

Submitted by admin on Wed, 09/04/2019 - 15:40

For a better professional functioning of AIBD, its full member countries approved a recommendation to revise Its Manual of Procedures last drafted and adopted in December 1981.

Mr. Fayyaz Shehryar, AIBD GC President, said the redrafted Manual will be  a  comprehensive rule book that will guide  day-to-day functioning and professional discharge of duties of AIBD. The Manual should cover all activities pertaining to administration, finance, broadcasting, disciplinary action and human resource management.

The AIBD Executive Board (EXBO) recommended the Manual’s revision, which  was approved by members of the 45th General Conference (GC) held in Bhutan on 23 August 2019.

Mr Shehryar  directed the AIBD secretariat to expeditiously complete the redrafting of the Manual.

Ms Yan Ni of ICD, NRTA, China, agreed that AIBD should be rule based and be more professionally guided by a proper Manual of Procedures.

The AIBD secretariat has been tasked to send a copy of the Manual to all members  who may propose revisions for submission to the secretariat not later than 20 September 2019. It was also recommended to make available on line the Manual to facilitate exchange of ideas and propose revisions.

Members agreed that AIBD should appoint a four-member group in charge of the revisions. It will be comprised of officials from  the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Human Resources, both from Malaysia, and broadcast professionals from radio and TV in the region.  

AIBD, then officiating Director Philomena Gnanapragasam said the secretariat had discussions with Malaysia’s Labor Ministry on the Manual and agreed to help in the revision.

She said the secretariat needs professional help in revising the Manual. For instance, she said, there is no proper procedure on how to increase salaries of staff and other employee related matters.