Asia Media Summit 2010 a resounding Success



Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 10:03

More than 800 media managers and practitioners from around the globe joined forces to exchange views and experiences on the most pressing challenges facing broadcasters today – digitalization, fierce competition from new media, rising costs and responsibilities in a world of shrinking budgets.

With the general theme Creativity, Credibility, Rights and Responsibilities, the Beijing Summit became a platform to address issues like public trust in media, media ethics and freedom, content access for a universal audience, culture and creativity broadcasting, community broadcasting, media and migration, copy rights, innovative journalism and mapping media assistance.

And true to its nature of never wasting an opportunity for training, the AIBD organized nine pre-summit seminars and workshops, giving some 400 broadcasters access to top trainers and media practitioners ready to share their skills and vast experience.

In Beijing media partnerships reached new heights. Whether it is Afro-Asia-Pacific Media Partnership, ASBU – AIBD Media Partnership or creating new partnerships in North Asia and South -Pacific, the trend seems unstoppable.

In a way, the level, the scope of participation, the agenda and the results of the AMS in Beijing reflect the Asia- Pacific region emergence as a global player. The summit decisively showed that the region’s continuously growing confidence is evident not only in the economic field but as well as in the dynamic media and communication sector.