Appointment of the new Director of AIBD



[img_assist|nid=38|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=60|height=80]Mr Yang Binyuan, Deputy Director, Office of International Cooperation and Head of Chinese Language Promotion Division of China Radio International(CRI) of Peoples Republic China has been appointed as the new Director of AIBD.

The decision was made at the Executive Board Meeting held on 24 & 25th June 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, following the procedure with reference to the Extra Ordinary Meeting of the AIBD General Conference held on 26th May 2010 in Beijing.

The Interview board was chaired by H E Thoyyib Mohamed Waheed President of the AIBD General Conference & Minister of State for Tourism, Arts and Culture Republic of Maldives. The members of the interview board were Mr Freddy Tulung, Chairman of the AIBD Executive Board, Mr Cao Yin, Chairman of the Strategic Plan Team and the members of the Executive Board Mr Kim Maengho, Deputy Director, International Orgnaisation Division, International Cooperation Division, Korea Communications Commissions, Datuk Hj Jumat Engson, Director of News and Current Affairs, Radio Television Malaysia, represented the host country Malaysia.

For further information regarding Mr. Yang Binyuan, please follow the link to his resume.