Training Information



These activities were “demand-driven” responding to needs identified by the members. As a consequence, the Institute emerged as the lead provider of broadcasting training in the region. Its relevance and success is manifested by the fact that more than 35,000 personnel from countries within the Asia-Pacific region and other regions have been beneficiaries of the AIBD’s training programme, several of whom now occupy senior managerial positions in the broadcasting industry.

The AIBD offers its members and affiliates training programmes in three categories namely Regional, Sub-Regional and In-Country.

Regional activities like seminars and conferences with common interests are offered to all members and affiliates.

Sub-Regional activities are geared towards a particular sub-region like ASEAN, SAARC, Pacific etc which has special needs based on culture, tradition, development etc.

In-Country activities are targeted towards a particular country or organisation based on their request and needs.  These are typically skills based training and consultancies.

The training programmes provided by AIBD cover a wide variety of specialised fields from production to management of radio and television operations, news and current affairs, engineering and digital transmission, public service broadcasting, instructional design & multimedia skills, technology & new media, creative content for programming, children and youth, co-productions and archiving and virtual libraries to name a few.

The AIBD offers to its members and affiliates consultancy services in all areas related to media development. This includes new media law, regulatory issues, new management structure, transition to digital broadcasting, digitizing audio-video archives, master plan for HRD etc.